BNBC is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2015 certified Company. BNBC’s consistent dedication to meeting Client’s requirements through superior quality construction, which is delivered on time and under budget, has resulted in various appreciations from Clients. We Put our know-how & Experience at the service of our clients to enhance their Initiatives. BNBC is a United Emirates Based Company that has a portfolio with several business, all related of all types of Construction Field.

BNT (Belad Al Nahrain Transport by Heavy Trucks) was the first company of the group to be born, back in 2005.

Unitll 2014, all Group operations were concentrated within this single company. But with new differentiated business being launched, it seemed obvious that is was necessary to unify everything so a new holding company was born : BNBC Building Contracting .


How We Work?


We believe in carefully and methodically thinking about every aspect of a project. Taking the time to plan the individual requirements and dynamics of each element of a project ensures that On-Roading can focus on surpassing the goals of our clients.


Ensuring the design process is managed effectively is the most crucial aspect of creating a successful outcome for any project. We at On-Roading ensure the requirements of all the stakeholders are realized through the design process while creating an efficient, and functional design.


The development phase is the culmination of the plan and design processes, physically realizing the vision behind the project while delivering the wishes of all the stake holders. We approach the development phase of all our projects with an unyielding desire to create exceptional quality.

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